Who Is Nicola A. Menzie?

Nicola A. Menzie is a religion reporter in New York City who writes about the intersection of race, culture and Christianity.

Founder & Publisher

Nicola is also the Editor and Publisher of Faithfully Magazine, a news and lifestyle publication centering on Christian communities of color via a quarterly magazine, website (faithfullymagazine.com), newsletter, podcast and app.

Faithfully Magazine No. 1 was funded via a successful Kickstarter campaign in January 2017. Faithfully Magazine stands out from existing media by covering the issues, conversations and events Christians of color say are important to their faith and to their lives. Visit faithfullymagazine.com to learn more about the publication’s mission, how to write for the magazine and how to purchase a digital or print copy of the latest issue.

She was interviewed by Religion Dispatches about the launch of Faithfully Magazine’s print edition in March 2017: NEW MAG PROVIDES A PLATFORM FOR CHRISTIANS OF COLOR.


Faithfully Magazine went through various iterations during Nicola’s time at the Tow-Knight Center for Entrepreneurial Journalism at CUNY as a member of the 2016 cohort. During the EJ2016 semester Nicola presented Faithfully Magazine to various members of the entrepreneurial and journalism industries (as seen in the third photo).


Nicola has previously worked as a Staff Reporter/Assistant Editor for The Christian Post (christianpost.com), where she interviewed influential movers and shakers such as T.D. Jakes, Joel Osteen, Tim Keller, Priscilla Shirer, Carl Lentz, Sarah Jakes, Tony Evans, Nick Vujicic, and other leading figures in U.S. Christianity.

Nicola has worked for CBS News (cbsnews.com) and AOL News, and her byline has appeared on the websites of the Religion News Service (religionnews.com) and Vibe.com.

She has also been quoted by Christianity Today due to her coverage on pastor Paula White, reportedly one of President Trump’s spiritual advisors and “prayer partners.”

Nicola also writes for Faithfully Magazine and hosts the publication’s Faithfully Podcast.


Nicola was tapped as a “Meet the Press” panelist to discuss best practices for members of the public seeking media coverage at the 2016 Flavor Fest conference.

She also appeared as one of five participants on a panel themed “Cover the Godbeat Using this One Weird Trick: Digital Tools for Reporting on Religion” at the Religion News Association’s 2016 conference.

Nicola holds a B.A. from from New York University. In Spring 2017, she commenced a hiatus from graduate studies at Alliance Theological Seminary (Nyack College).

She enjoys hip-hop, foreign films and visiting new places.

You can follower her on Twitter and see her profile on LinkedIn. Send her an email at ‘namenzie at gmail dot com’ or use the contact form below.